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A safe space to grow your skills, ask questions, and get feedback to help you thrive.

The Why

Most new teachers in their first few years teaching experience the sink or swim approach: admin throw you in a classroom and let you figure everything out on your own "like everyone else did." 

If you're lucky, you get a good mentor you can meet with every few weeks. But most people aren't that lucky, and those that are typically still need a lot more than that to feel solid about their teaching (and their life) the first few years in the classroom.

We don't think it has to be this way.

About Our Community

The purpose of the New Teacher Mastermind Community is to fill in those gaps. We're here to help you get everything you need to thrive this year. We're more than just a collection of webinars and courses. You might sign up through this online platform, but it's more like pulling up a chair to a long, cozy wooden table with a group of passionate, solution-minded teachers waiting to listen help you with whatever you need this year in safe space. 

We're a community of passionate, energetic educators, but we're also your cheerleaders, your confidants, and your board of advisers through some of the toughest years of your career. 

We care about more than just your teaching: we care about helping you be the whole, happy person you want to be this year while rocking it in the classroom.

Who is it for?

This community is best for teachers who are:

  • In their first 1-2 years of teaching for those who went through a full teacher preparation program before teaching, OR in their first 1-4 years for those who went an Alternative Certification route
  • Hungry to learn
  • Happy to share ideas and help other teachers
  • Willing to try new ideas
  • Passionate about reaching every student
  • Able to dedicate at least ~1 hour a week to events

This community is NOT for teachers who:

  • Are already experienced (more than 4 years of teaching experience)
  • Already have a completely maxed out schedule
  • Don't want extra support or who don't like feedback on what you're doing
  • Aren't willing to change or improve what you're already doing
  • Aren't looking for more ideas on how to better reach every student
  • Prefer complaining or venting to problem-solving (we're a more of a let's-put-our-heads-together-and-overcome type of group)

What's included

All plans:

Live, interactive events every week:

  • Webinars and Q&As led by veteran teachers for guidance on top challenges for new teachers
  • Mastermind sessions where you can ask teachers around the country for resources or advice on a challenge you're facing
  • Coworking/planning/grading sessions to give you company AND more opportunities for feedback and advice from other teachers
  • Monthly goal-setting and reflection workshops to give you structure and accountability for both personal and professional goals

Mastermind: Community + Courses Plan and up:

Everything above plus access to online courses helping you set up a thriving classroom for years to come, covering skills like: 

  • Unit-planning
  • Preparing your classroom
  • Creating your grading philosophy
  • Navigating tough parent/guardian relationships
  • And much more!

Mastermind Complete Plan:

Everything above plus:

  • A dedicated cohort of 6-8 teachers that you'll meet with regularly throughout the year to support and cheer each other on. There's a lot more to it than we can explain here, though--you can read more here
  • 5 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching with a coach of your choice

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